Google Analytics – So What!

As a final part of the Branding, Strategies and Organizations course we have entered into the world of data and analytics.  As  a class we are working together to earn The Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ).

It can be difficult to grasp the relevancy of Google Analytics certification and will most definitely  vary in significance for each of you. With that said, looking at the challenges that marketers are facing in 2016 and what is required to be effective, you will notice the need for skills that span well beyond those of traditional marketing.

Warc’s Toolkit 2016 asks six questions to marketers to better understand the challenges ahead for 2016.

  1. What ‘Moments’ are you targeting?
  2. What skills do you need in-house to blend data with creativity?
  3. Do you need a connection strategy?
  4. Is your digital investment being wasted?
  5. Are you using video for more than short-term campaigns?
  6. Do you need a strategy for Gen Z?

Brands are using data to build strategies and teams around potential consumption moments. The skills required to analyze this data and turn insights into actionable marketing initiatives that are both personalized and creative, poses a structural challenge to marketing departments. The developments in analytics allows for creative and media plans to be rooted in more sophisticated models reflecting consumer behavior.

So What?

The need for both right and left brained thinking in the areas of marketing, technology, and creative execution is critical.

Data driven thinking is creeping into all aspects of marketing. Marketing success, it appears, increasingly lies in a combination of digital expertise, data analysis, and creative excellence – the challenge is delivering on all three.

The growing interest in micro moments is based on the ability to identify these moments through various forms of data analysis, including path-to-purchase data and monitoring of social media: and the ability to target consumers at a personal level “in the moment” through technology.

Technology, data, and analytics have dominated the marketing conversation in recent years, while they are still core threads there is an increased focus on content in a multitude of formats to penetrate the decreasing attention spans of connected consumers.

In this content-focused environment, it is a challenge to cut-through and engage with customers. Moment marketing and the ability to deliver relevant and seemingly spontaneous interactions to the customer is a key thread.

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