During my 4 years at Bentley University in the Marketing Department having taught over 30 courses, I was fortunate to be able to share my passion for the industry with the most amazing students. More importantly, I learned about them, their unique cultures, goals, ideals, etc.

Most recently, I also taught at Emerson College. While this was only 2 classes during the spring semester 2016, it was also an amazing experience. The two schools differ greatly in terms of the student body. While as a Bentley Alum, I was more familiar with the culture but and while different the Emerson students were so passionate and engaging. They had a strong desire to learn and most expanding curriculum beyond marketing which made it even more fun which  made the experience another special one.

I have been fortunate to still remain in contact with several students, some of whom I helped network and are now thriving in their careers (some that never imagined being in the industry). This aspect of teaching is what made it a truly life changing experience and encourage my already strong belief that learning is never done and should be a lifelong pursuit.



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