The So What

So What

I began this blog to provide a summary and some context to many of the complex marketing concepts from Branding, Strategy, Advertising and Digital, discussed in the classroom to help further clarify and answer the questions of “SO What” and “Now What”?

As a college professor in the field of Brand and Digital marketing for the past 5 years, I’ve come to realize the vast amount of marketing reference materials and resources that have been published over the last 60 years.  The most comprehensive and complex content developed within the last 20 years has been primarily due to the rise of the digital marketing ecosystem.

Prior to my Professor gig, I was a a veteran of the advertising industry and  grew up in the world of direct marketing where measurement, testing, segmentation and response rates were standard vernacular when developing and executing Fortune 500 marketing campaigns. In this new digital world I personally feel overwhelmed sometimes as if I can’t possibly know or learn it all. The information and learning related to digital changes almost monthly. If not weekly. My nature is to be prepared to teach my students not only accurately but with relevance and clear application tactics. This is no easy task in this new digital advertising world.

I currently use numerous textbooks, journals, digital news sources, learning management systems,  practical experience, thought leadership forums, etc…only to keep confirming that while our marketing ecosystem has evolved dramatically with the sophistication of technology and media channels to reach and engage with consumers. The foundation of remains constant and with each new technology, consumer insight tool, adtech networks and platforms, marketers need to continually reassure themselves and answer the SO WHAT!



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