Brand Mapping

Correlation to brand module mapping (HBS) is a useful exercise for competitors and the research done in CPB regarding competitor influences is synergistic with the HBS approach to mapping your own brand family and the impact of those non-brand extessential influencers.

Jim Signorelli suggests the idea of looking at brands and prospects in relation to their inner and outer layers and the obstacles that prevent the brand from connecting to the prospect as the environment, consumer behavior, competition, etc. The inner layer of both the Brand and the prospect is referred to as their DNA. CPB states that in order to anticipate competitor response and sustain brand value/market share companies need to understand the activities of key competitors relative to their strengths within different segments which provides the competitive DNA and helps explain competitors behavior and predict future response.

CPB argues that key leaders and companies with significant market share  may overlook the idea that market share consists of 2 distinct sources: those who actively buy the brand and those who passively make brand choice. This is important to consider when leveraging consumer insight as part of the brands marketing strategy.

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