How To Market Successfully In A Digital World? Put Customers’ Needs First.

 We have finished the first half of the semester and discussed how marketers study consumer behavior for clues to who buys, uses, and disposes of what good and services as well as when, where, and how they make decisions.

We began by discussing The psychological core: Internal Consumer Processes and the influencers that affect consumer’s motivation to process information, make a decision, and take action.  How  factors such as emotion, culture, and cognition can affect the individual’s ability to engage in consumer behaviors and finally the main types of influencers on the consumer’s opportunity to process information and acquire, consume, or dispose of products.

We then discussed how marketers are concerned about consumer’s exposure to marketing stimuli and how we can enhance that to attract and sustain consumers attention.  Furthermore, the use of our senses as part of perception and how marketers are concerned about consumer sensory perceptions as well as the ability of consumers to comprehend the message.

Finally, how consumers store knowledge in their memory and why/how marketers try to affect memory retrieval.

SO What? 

The article below is one of thousands written on the importance of understanding consumers and our increasing ability to gain insight from multiple sources of data allowing marketers to improve relevancy and effectiveness. Having an understanding of the ways in which consumers process and store information and tactics that will increase the impact of their message, combined with the amount of data we can gather…is what will help make you all great marketers.

Now What? 

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Customers are at the heart of what successful businesses do. Columnist Mary Wallace discusses why we need to harness the power of data and technology to better understand our customers and respond to their needs.

Source: How To Market Successfully In A Digital World? Put Customers’ Needs First.

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